Letters of Hope and Inspiration


CADAS has given me freedom,
a new happiness within.
I now have hope with no regrets,
still remembering all the sin.

I understand serenity
and peace is oh so clear!
With staff and GOD to guide me,
less shame and guilt and fear.

That feeling deep within my soul
At times I want to die.
Is now replaced with so much more,
My dreams could reach the sky

I’ve learned that all the walks of life
Who want to be “set free”.
All come here with a common bond
We were blind and now we see.

We walk in CADAS lonely,
Addiction ruled us all.
Took us places very dark
And now we can stand tall.

Our outlook and our attitudes
are changing day to day.
Thanks to staff and one’s like me
They’ve sent me on my way.

Julia B.


“I now know I can have fun with people and not be high.  I am so glad I came here.  It has changed my life”
Tim D.

“Before I came to CADAS I had no idea how I would keep myself clean.  Even though I wanted too I don’t think I would have had the ability to fight my cravings.  The Counselors here are really great and supportive.  At first when I got here I was iffy of their program working but they have made things so easy for me to understand.  I truly feel like with CADAS’ help, I can do it.  Thank you CADAS for all your support.”

“CADAS has given me hope for my future.  It’s made me realize how good life really is and has made me see how beautiful I am inside and out.  It’s giving me strength to talk with others and wanting them to get sober.  CADAS has been a blessing for me, my kids, my mom and sister because when I return home I’ll be the person I use to be.”

“Coming to CADAS has been by far the most rewarding and exceptionally beneficial thing I have ever done in my life and for my recovery.  I walked in here five months ago a broken, depressed, angry person.  The most important thing I have learned here was to push through whatever it seems like I can’t.  So I did and I have made the most incredible turn around to date in my life.  I am happy, focused, motivated and confident, plus I’m comfortable in my own existence.  All this without medications.  Being involved in a monitoring program has been a small price to pay for my health, mental well being, sanity, family, friends and my freedom.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and what made me turn to abusing the substances in the first place.  The addict will always be in me…but this program has also made me realize that I have to take things one day at a time and to have accountability.”
Yours Truly,

“I learned that I really had a deadly DISEASE that I didn’t know I had and I thank God and the great people in this program and the wonderful staff at CADAS especially my Counselors for letting me bring things out that I never brought before and actually what they have done is brought me back to life and I am grateful.”
Tommy H.

“The best decision I could have ever made for myself was to check myself into CADAS.  I pretty much hit rock bottom and realized I had a problem with drugs and alcohol!  This is the first time I have been in recovery and hopefully will be the only time.  I have learned so much through this program, by going to meetings, working the steps, most importantly, I just take it one day at a time.  I have had so many good things happen since I came here, for example, I have earned my parents respect and trust back, I am in a lot better health, I got a job, I’ve gotten most of my legal problems taken care of and there are so many people in the program that actually care and are willing to help in any way they can.  I am currently staying at Oasis Halfway House and I have a great counselor and a network of people I can talk to for help.  I am so blessed today and I am loving this new, clean and sober lifestyle.”
Raven D.